YOUR PERSONALITY AND CONFIDENCE MATTERS; SO BUILD IT! They say that our personality and confidence is what defines us as an individual and surely it is true. Base on many questions people have asked me and my interaction with them as well have got to understand something’s about personality and confidence and have come up with this: How to get – Positive attitude and confidence: Positive attitude and confidence are two separate terms however are interrelated in numerous sorts. A positive approach will make one have faith in them and this self-belief will help a ton in accomplishing a troublesome task. Being confident in whatever you do will soar your confidence level and helps in discovering better solutions even in most detrimental possibility situations. Trust thusly will help in making the best utilization of your own capacities. How to – Listen with intent: Listening with intention brings about a finer understanding of the center purpose of what you listen to. Being a superior listener makes the individual whom you listen to feel like they are imperative to you and as an exchange they will start to esteem you more. How to – Be good in learning: Continuously have an anomaly to learn new things. Learning will keep you redesigned in a testing work space and receptive towards tolerating new happenings. In the meantime, learning is not kept just to getting to think about something which you are not natural about; rather it additionally incorporates gaining from the oversights of others and your own. How to get – Body Language (Eye contact, Body Posture, Hand shake): Body language is the path through which you show your internal personality to others. A positive body language can work out miracles in awing others. That being said, to keep up an immaculate body language assures you to connect with the eyes of the individual whom you are talking to. It reflects your honesty and boldness. Keep up an erect body posture which reflects your energy level, yet in the meantime don’t be exceptionally automated in moves. Abstain from shaking legs and hands or playing with your pen. It shows your lack of engagement. Lastly, bear in mind to give a firm handshake when you welcome somebody keeping in mind closing down. #IBELIEVEINSINCERITY